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I work as independent architect, I am a member of Czech Chamber of Architects (auth. n. 03772), I have more than 10 years experience in design and projection in the field of planning and building construction, more about me here.


- complete services in building design and projection

- provide supply of construction and management of construction

- presentation of designed and realized projects

- place of activity, place of business, address, contacts, map

Services of Authorized Architect in design and projection of buildings

- design of new buildings, extensions, additions, built-in spaces, reconstructions
- urban studies, situation of a group of buildings, individual buildings, study and design of buildings
- family houses, holiday houses, offices, retail stores, buildings for services and production, public buildings
- interior design, furniture design, design of offices and other spaces, design of bathroom, 3D views of designed spaces
- 2D and 3D views of designed plans,
3D models, visualizations, visualizations put in photography
- possibility of work up web pages with project and realization of building
- author and technical supervising of the construction

Individual and effective practice
- continuous dialogue between architect and client to fulfill all client's  needs and ideas,  variant design
- design of economic buildings - not only using cheaper but quality materials, the cost of building is also made of design itself and its technical solution, e.g. shape of staircase, shape of roof, broken building - more complicated construction means more expensive its realization and more possible problems in the future (e.g. in-leak, cracking)
- design of low-energy and energy safe buildings, effective ways of heating and ventilation
- consultancy in the field of projecting and construction
- supervising and checking of projects and their authorization

Other services
- together with drawing up project documentation I provide getting of the official statements, and getting of the building permit

Project setup phases:
1. order preparation
2. study / design of the building
3. project documentation for placing of the building
project documentation to obtain building permit
project documentation for realization of building
6. documentation to choose of building supplier
7. cooperation with choosing of supplier
8. author and technical supervision of construction
9. documentation of real constructed building, run the building





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